Titles! A Fun Way to Find One

If you’re terrible at producing titles, like me, you might want to try this.

The idea was inspired by an album game link a friend posted on Facebook. To find the name of your fictional album, you go to wikiquotes.com, click “Random Page”, then pick a quote. The last 3-5 words of the quote is your album name.

Well, the same thing works if you’re trying to think of a Title for a story! Just keep looking until you find something that fits the story well. Lots of wise people on wikiquotes. I’m sure their eloquent words can serve you well.

Some gems:

  • “Especially with Yourself”
  • “Temporal and Spiritual Affairs”
  • “Proportioned to Virtue”
  • “Thorns or Flowers”
  • “If the Rain Comes”
  • “Never be the Lonely One”

For the short I’m writing, I ended up going with “Children at Your Feet”, a bit from a Beetles song.

Happy Hunting!

Attention Science Fiction Writers! A Boon has Arrived

Jeanette Paige Fairheart hates spiders, so she crushes them with her mind, somehow

And somehow Archie the Strong Man, thin as a twig, makes a name for himself in the circus lifting enormous weights, horses, and once the town hall!

Neenee, a civil war nurse, somehow heals the useless, torn limbs of soldiers in a matter of days.

Super human characters make for exciting, popular stories, as franchises like The Avengers, Batman, and Spiderman show, but often we writers struggle with a little thing called ‘believability’. The answer to that somehow. But I may have found what we’ve been searching for. 

It’s called Quantum Physics, yo! 

Quantum physics, notoriously difficult to understand, should be investigated thoroughly before throwing it around a story, but I, with my basic understanding of it, will point you in the right direction.

Why it’s useful: In the world of Quantum Physics, anything is possible as long as we will it to be with our minds. The general theory suggests that the MIND (intention) is capable of controlling energy. Which is handy because everything, even matter, is made of energy. 

How it works: Energy comes in units. These units are like both waves and particles. And it is physically impossible to measure both the speed and location of a unit. If you try to measure one, the measurement of the other will be less precise. So what you measure, what your mere intention is, changes a quality of the particle.

Now read about Schrodinger’s cat experiment. He must have hated cats: http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/Schrodingers-cat

Also helps to know what “superposition” is: http://searchcio-midmarket.techtarget.com/definition/superposition

So, every outcome (cat living or dying) is possible. It all happens simultaneously. Which event manifests itself in actuality depends on the observer’s intention. Here’s another website with explanations and more experiments on this. Read about the slit experiment: http://library.thinkquest.org/3487/qp.html

If you still don’t understand, Deepok Chopra’s book, “The Spontaneous Fullfillment of Desire”, actually explains this concept really well. It’s also full of wisdom and lots of nice little mantras. If you’re into the meditation thing. I am.

Let’s take further the idea that intention influences energy in the universe. Energy is everything. Even matter – its not really solid, it’s just the vibrating particles that feel solid to us. Think Matrix – the spoon isn’t there. That’s how Neo was able to move it, in theory.

So now it’s not quite as far fetched if a character can move objects with his mind, have super strength or healing powers. It’s all just energy, after all. Nice, manageable, manipulatable energy. It’s not even solid. 

Try a little experiment yourself to see how you can control energy with your mind: http://www.mind-energy.net/archives/41-Feel-energy-between-your-hands.html . Feel the repulsion! It’s crazy!

Maybe I’m plain nuts, in which case please inform me so, so I can go get help. But think of the possibilities Quantum physics has in a story! It’s really weird science, and I am no physicist, but maybe the ideas I presented here can be useful to some of your writing. Let me know what you think.